Custom-designed energy healing sessions complementary to traditional medical care

Energy Healing

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Energy healing focuses on removing blocks in energy (life force) so that the body and mind can function optimally. Find out more…

Speech/Language Consultations

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We offer telephone consultations to help you locate appropriate resources and services for individuals with speech and language concerns. Find out more…

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Heaven to Earth Healing Arts, LLC provides a type of holistic health care called “energy healing.” This refers to specific tapping and breathing techniques used to help your bodymind achieve optimum health by gently removing blocks in your energy field or life force. Born with something called “innate wisdom”, our bodies and minds know what they need to heal at any point in time. Through the use of a simple muscular biofeedback technique, we are able to determine which techniques would be the most beneficial to help you move from a state of “dis-ease” to health and well-being. Some of these include Reiki, BodyTalk™ and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). In this manner, sessions are custom-designed to meet your individual needs. Our services are complementary to traditional medical care, non-invasive and have been found to be quite effective in helping others move forward in their healing.

Energy healing sessions can be provided in-person or at a distance.  Please contact us for further information.